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What is Government Job ( Sarkari naukri ) And Benefits

In India, so many aspirants aspire to be government servants. However, there are still many young minds that might not agree with this. But, it is a fact that is beyond denial that a government job is safe in the world of MNCs which follow hire and fire policy as per their requirement.

There are various benefits that a Government job has to offer. The young generation is after quick money which they get in the private job but, experienced people know that over time it is the best job that one may get.

Benefits of a Government Job

Salary is always on time

The most beneficial feature of a Government job is that the salary is always on time. Whether the country is going through a crucial time or even in good times, a government employee always gets the salary on time. However, this may not be the case with every other job whether offered in a private company or otherwise. Every company whether of an Indian origin or is a product of Foreign amalgamation can delay the salary of their employees anytime as per the profit situation of the current year.

Amount of  Workload

In comparison to private-sector jobs, the workload in a government organization is always lesser. This may pose a delay in the work done by such entities but it is truly an added on benefit for its employees. The employees who are looking to enhance their skills while being in work already can make use of this free time to perform better. Those employees who are looking for an upgrade in their job position can also improvise their skills to get an appraisal. In comparison to this, in private companies, one has to work hard for more than eight hours, from home, on weekdays, or even on holidays to meet their set target.

A lifetime Pension

A Government job offers a  lot of benefits and one of them includes an earning even after retirement in the form of a lifetime pension. It comes as a reward in the old age when one wishes to relax and live a peaceful life. It is just like life insurance. While in a private job there is no such concept of pension and one needs to save money while earning for their future. Whereas a government employee is t peace with his/her fixed income even in his/her old age without having to beg for it. This makes government job a safer option.

Facility of Housing

Many government job posts offer accommodation as one of the facilities with the job. This makes the job even more fruitful for those who came as a transferred candidate. In addition to the house, the electricity and maintenance are free of cost which means one need not spend any penny from the salary on these petty yet essential things. Mostly, quarters are given to the employees with enough space for a garden and even workers are provided to do household chores. This relieves the employee from any sort of payment for rent which can sometimes be a big amount.

Survival of employees even in the absence of skill

Several people are not that skilful to try for competitive posts so they try their luck for a government job. Some candidates find it difficult to manage their time with an increased load of work. So, they easily fit into a government job wherein the workload is comparatively less and often without deadlines. In fact in private jobs, companies assess the employees regularly. This assessment can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. And in case of any incapability with regards to work one may be kicked out immediately.

Health care for free

Healthcare nowadays eats one of the major portions of one’s salary. One may find it difficult to manage medicines, hospital bills, doctor’s fees, etc in this era where everything is available at exorbitant prices. So, everyone tries their best to thrive in their job and to make the best of their salary and incentives whatever available. However, in the case of government employees, medical facilities are handled by government hospitals. All the expenses of not only the employee but his/her family members as well are looked after the government. In case of complicated surgeries or crucial diseases, all the hefty expenses are borne by the government. Several medical facilities are provided to government employees. Medical insurance and deduction in medical expenses are always available to government employees. At government hospitals, various facilities are available free of cost for the employees.

The facility of types of allowances

Allowances like Dearness Allowance (DA) and Travelling Allowance (TA) are always available to government employees regardless of the economic situation of the country.

Facility of vacations

There is a facility for several holidays for government employees. However, this facility is unavailable in case of a private job. For a specific number of holidays, one needs to apply beforehand, to get their leaves sanctioned.

Security of job

Whether it is about regular on-time monthly salary or availability of various types of allowances or a lifetime pension. All of these additional benefits make the government job so lucrative and make people crave badly for it. As all of us know that in a government job all the basic amenities of life are provided to employees. And this makes them feel so secured about their life.

Balance of work and life

As there is not much workload on the government employee he/she never feels overburdened and thereby making him/her feel good about their job and they do not feel stressed about it. This gives their life a good balance of work and other activities to indulge in.

With the presence of above numerous benefits, one thrives to get a government job. Due to lack of competitiveness in this job certain employees may not feel it be competent to be in this job. This job may appear boring to those looking to meet targets to be in their job and prove their worth through this. But, a larger chunk of society surely craves for a peaceful work and life balance which is sure to be in the government job.


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